Clips from four documented performances ranging from November 2016 to November 2017 (in order of appearance):
"Jamie" November 2016
"Kaitlyn" April 2017
"No Ma'am" November 2017
"Episode 1" September 2017


Kaitlyn Performance; Cast iron bathtub, site-sourced earth and water, mud curtains, steel frame. Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, 4/23/2017


Jamie is an ongoing sculptural performance piece. At the end of 2016, Nina designed and constructed a coffin from recycled galvanized steel, recycled hinges, fasteners, and fabricated and forged steel. The coffin lid is divided into five sections that open and close individually. The same day that construction was completed, the first performance took place with the assistance of their friend and peer, Emmitt Rider. He opened the first section that contained Nina's feet and shaved any visible hair. Moving up, Emmitt opened each section one-by-one, shaving off any hair on the exposed area before proceeding to the next section.  After he shaved off Nina's eyebrows, they propped their upper torso up with their elbows and Emmitt shaved their head with electric clippers. Once hairless, Nina rose from the coffin and redressed.

Jamie Performance stills and audio; galvanized steel coffin, shaving equiptment. November 2016.


Venus Performance; hand-poked tattoos, the female body. 2016.